Updating ipod nano software

As users connect their device to i Tunes, the changelog informs that new large icons and optional small icons can now be the new way to browse content on the nano’s 1.5-inch screen. There’s a new fitness feature with built-in accelerometer support which makes it easier to set for either walking or running.It works out of the box or with the optional Nike i Pod Sport Kit.Our tests, however, revealed two noticeable results.Voice Memo or Music Sync) before attempting a sync. 0 software, my 160GB i Pod classic played continuous audio for just over 59 hours on a single battery charge.To update the software on your i Pod nano 6G, simply connect it to your Mac or PC and let i Tunes guide you through the steps.In the meantime, here’s a compiled list of the most common i Pod sync problems and the easiest steps you can take to work out how to fix them updating my ipod classic.Note that a bug in the current beta release of OS X El Capitan can cause i Tunes to crash after downloading the update but before it begins to install; we would recommend using OS X Yosemite for the update.Next to the word is information that describes the software version installed.

Those who like wearing their nano as a watch will be delighted to see there are 18 different clock face designs to choose from, allowing them to have a new watch style for every occasion.If I try to back up my files will it only do the ones from my current i Tunes and delete the rest? Upgrading i OS should leave the files that are on the device in the exact same condition as it was before.That said, however, it is always important to do a backup of all the data on the device before upgrading.As I wrote in my review of the 80GB and 160GB i Pods: Yes, the interface is slicker and sometimes more helpful, but ultimately it’s no easier to find and play your music on this i Pod than it is on a [fifth-generation] i Pod. Every now and then, you might find a corrupt MP3 file or photo in your collection. Videos chat for free with hot bitches no credit card required.

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